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Government is too big, too powerful, too unyielding, too wasteful, too bureaucratic, too intrusive, too regulating, too taxing and too out-of-control.

We need more conservative citizens with conviction, real business and professional experiences to undo the bigness of government.  I want to limit and restrict government intrusion into our businesses, families, homes, churches and communities, while bringing power, control and self-governance back to the people where it ALWAYS belongs.  The more decentralized government is, and the closer it is to the people, the more control WE have over government instead of government’s unrelenting attempts to control us.

A limited government still needs to be effective, efficient and responsible in those constitutional areas where Missouri state government has a key role.  It can and should be a partner or facilitator for infrastructure improvements, economic development, job growth, and workforce improvements with local businesses, educators, colleges and communities.  

I will work hard to make government efficient, responsive, limited yet effective.