Community Focus


The citizens in our communities are valuable in so many ways.  From the various service clubs like Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Jaycees, and church, school and community volunteer groups, to the Chambers of Commerce, and First Responders, we live in a special place, made up of exceptional people of character, know-how, dedication, talent, and giving.  

We are fortunate to have hundreds of small, medium and large employers who make it possible for our residents to have rewarding careers, support families, give to charities and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  The freedom, self reliance, entrepreneurial spirit of our American capitalistic economy have endured, outlasted and defeated outside threats like communism and fascism.  

Our next challenge in preserving the American way, the American spirit, and success of our small shining cities on our hills, is to overcome the threat from within; namely to defeat the ideology of progressives and liberals and their cohorts in the media, pop culture, and academic elitists.  These challenges can face us at all levels of government from school boards and county offices to state and federal government.  

We deserve and should demand a government, that ensures our values, our conservative, Judeo-Christian values are preserved, and protected.

Opioid Epidemic

The recent attention to the opioid epidemic that has killed people, ruined families and cost taxpayers millions of dollars has been a problem that has been steadily increasing.  As a physician with the training and expertise to treat certain pain without pain meds, I am unfortunately not surprised to see this aspect of the opioid crisis exploding.  It’s an epidemic we have created in part based on some misguided choices.  Simply put, America is over-drugged.

First, we have to change the Rx drug culture that has steadily taken over and exploded recently.    There exists an automatic reflex of prescribing pain meds for certain pain conditions like musculoskeletal pain.  While initially possibly a milder form of pain related to an accident, sports injury, repetitive stress, arthritis etc., often the mismanagement of these conditions thru Rx exclusively only masks much of the underlying causes which go untreated and in time get worse, triggering the need for more, higher dose or stronger meds.     

There isn’t a question of whether we should even give the patient a drug versus some other approach; we just prescribe because that’s what we do in America.  

Patients in pain need effective solutions, not just more drugs.  Many highly effective, less expensive non-drug options exist to correct underlying causes to their pain, and chiropractic medicine is high on the list.  Patient education of non-pharmaceutical pain management strategies, and patient access to other effective treatments will help with this epidemic. Expanded, equitable and easier access to affordable treatment, like chiropractic and other alternatives to Rx, can keep some patients from even entering the cycle of drug overuse, misuse, dependence and abuse.