Economic Opportunities 


As a business owner for 25 years, I know government and their agencies need to be and should be run, administered, and implemented like a well run successful business.  In the private sector, we do it all the time, so why can't the government?  Why should we expect less from government, with OUR tax dollars, than we expect with businesses we work for or utilize everyday?  Government does not have to be inefficient, if we demand efficiency.  Government does not have to be wasteful, if we demand careful stewardship.  Government does not have to be over-taxing, or over-regulating if we restrict and limit it.

Working individuals and businesses should keep more of their hard-earned money.  If elected, I will fight to make that a reality through bureaucratic reforms, tax reform and regulation reform.   Government in many areas, has to prioritize their spending, learn to do more with less, be more efficient and less bureaucratic, instead of government dictating to us to do with less.  

State government, either through its own policies or private/public partnerships has a very key role in helping chart a course for economic growth and opportunities.  Most of that role is staying out of the way of private businesses, private homes and local communities.  Any government directed policies need to be fair, transparent, stimulative, and growth minded for the most benefit with the least cost. Let the true free market, competition, equal access, and equal treatment under the law, be the guideposts for helping to foster an environment where businesses, entrepreneurs, men and women, employers and employees, blue collar and white collar workers can flourish economically.  

Our welfare system constantly needs to be monitored, improved and reformed so more capable citizens can work, and provide for themselves and their families.  Self-worth, pride, self-satisfaction, self-reliance and community/family role models are all created with work.  From the Pilgrims, to New England merchants and traders to farmers and settlers in the south and midwest, our history is one that prides itself on work, hard work, creative work, satisfying work.  That history, thank God, continues here in Franklin County.   It’s through that great work ethic we have great businesses, selfless volunteers, first rate schools, improving infrastructure, and wholesome communities.  It would be a blessing and an honor to represent you.