Educational Excellence


I value education.  I received extensive education in my life, both public and private.  I appreciate teachers and the dedicated support personnel involved with education.  What’s most important in any decision from school busing issues, to school construction, to curriculum choices is, what’s best for the student.  Not what’s best for the bureaucrat, not what’s best for the district, but what is best for the student, all students.  Any decision, reforms, improvements need to operate through that lens.  Because education is tied to state and local funding through taxes, like with infrastructure needs, we have to make sure this department is run efficiently.  Efficiency to me is, having less bureaucracy, less top heavy administration, less dictates from afar, less liberal agenda and more local control, more classroom instruction, more focus on basic achievement, civics, values and ethics.  

Quality schools and an educated workforce are what attract businesses and citizens to move here and raise their families.  The choice of more trade skills and high-tech schooling offered thru ECC and the Four Rivers Career Center is a testament of how great our local educators are at meeting the demands of our local economy.