Volunteers have a crucial role in the success of this campaign! Here are some ways (both big and small) in which you can help.  

*Please see the form below to sign up and help with any of the events/options

Get Out the Vote - Most Important

Connecting with Republican voters during key times during the campaign.

April 3 County/City Elections - Thank voters exiting polling station, remind them to vote in the Republican Primary on August 7, and give out campaign card info. Simple "how-to training" will be provided.  

Door-to-Door Teams - Volunteers are needed throughout the Spring and Summer during weeknights and weekends to talk with Republican primary voters.  Easy to do since we're targeting and talking with fellow Republicans.  Simple "how-to training" will be provided to make it fun and conversational.  

August 7 Primary Election - Mainly need a presence of volunteers greeting voters as they go into the polling station.  


Campaign t-shirts are available to wear for everyday outings, but especially for public events such as church breakfasts, dinners, summer picnics, trivia nights, etc.  Ideally, groups of volunteers/supporters can meet together at these events for maximum visual impact and messaging.  Coordination to attend these events will be announced through our Instagram and Facebook page.  

Please include size and quantity for you/family members in the Message Box located in the form below.          

In-Home Meet and Greets 

Host John Simmons in your home and invite family, friends, neighbors, and/or coworkers for an informal 30-45 minute conversation about important issues.  No cost to attend.  Whether it's your living room, front porch, or backyard, this is meant to be a fun interactive meet and greet between John and attendees.  

Please indicate in the Message Box, located in the form below, which days/times that work for you and your guests.  

Sign Location Teams 

We need to win the yard sign battle during this race!  If you would like to place a sign at your business/home location, please indicate using the form below. 

Large Signs - Placed in high traffic locations throughout Franklin County (4x6).  Please ask family and friends if we can use/borrow metal fence posts.  We will put up during the summer and take down after the election.   

Yard Signs - If you feel your home or business is a good traffic location, please consider putting a sign in your yard.  We will put up during the summer and take down after the election.  If you have friends or family who live within the 109th District, please ask them if they would put a sign in their yard.  The worst they can say is no, but you'll never know until you ask

Portable Truck Signs - We would like to borrow a couple of spare pickup trucks to fit with large campaign signs and park/move to various areas/events (picnics, concerts, town events, etc.) in the district throughout the Spring and Summer.  Ask neighbors, coworkers, and friends if they have a truck to temporarily donate.  The worst they can say is no, but you'll never know until you ask!   

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Questions? Comments?

Where do I go on election day to vote?

Polling centers are located all over Franklin County and your home address location will determine where you go to vote on election day.  Click here for an interactive map showcasing the polling centers in Franklin County and where you can find yours.  

How can I register to vote?

For more information about how to register to vote, you can visit the Franklin County Clerk Office (400 East Locus Street, Union, MO 63084, Room 201) or check out their voter registration page for a list of locations you can visit to sign up.